04 octombrie 2008


..pe care le ador la Jeff Dunham si la personajele sale:

- What happens in D.C. stays on Youtube (Walter)
- I am not muslim! Look at my ass. it says Made in China (Achmed)
- Knock knock! - who's there? - me! i kill you! (Achmed)
- You are using an unneeded "F": Jeff. (Peanut)
- Dude, you need a Tic-Tac (Peanut)
- God damn it! aaaaa Allah damn it! (Achmed)
- Jose has THE STICK (Jose)
- You are married for 46 years. When was your happiest moment? - 47 years ago!" (Walter)
- Women age like fine wine - Mine is ageing like milk!" (Walter)
- Do you know an oral sex for us is? -What? - She screams "Screw you!" and i scream "Bite me!" (Walter)
- Her pride is now, yours was 20 years ago (Peanut)

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sorin spunea...

foarte tare tipul.....si replicele chiar sunt de memorat...chiar acum ma uitam la aia de craciun.....si mai am cateva in lista:)